1. They have long pipes.
2. They aim high.
4. They are HOTT!!!
5. They have people blow on their pipe.
6. Their jacks are long and waxed to keep them gliding smoothly.
7. They wave their pipes to make them drip.
8. They use wax.
9. Their wood is kept wet.
10. Their pipes are always warm.
11. They keep their pipes moving around.
12.They Blow Easy and Paddle Hard.
13. Great to tell people I am just going to "Crack off
14. I really have to get my lips around that...
15. They blow for a living!
16. They like to have their bottom paddled
17. We get on our knees to give good bench blows
18. We're good at making anything into a sexual joke.
19. We can give a good ream job.
20. They jack things off.
21. We shove sticks into holes
22. Jack and Blow
23. They jack off big and small pieces
24. Hard glass
25. They know how to handle hot pipes
26. On their knees blowing on pipes


From Facebook - Top reasons to date a glassblower -group :DDD